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Hindon Surgery

The adult care team at Wiltshire council (0300 456 0111) can give advice and provide minor works (grab rails, ramps etc).  Some help may be means tested and some may have a long wait.  Handihelp (01380 735555) does small work for a reasonable fee.  Freedom Mobility in Ludwell (01747 829549) has a range of helpful items, as have similar shops in Semington near Warminster and a smaller outlet at Nordis in Gillingham.  The Wiltshire Council website has more information and a link is provided below:


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Disability Aids and Home Modifications

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We are compliant with this Act.  If you have a disability that requires particular help please let us know and we will make special provision for you.


We are unable to change some of the physical aspects of the building (like the slope outside the surgery) but we can get around most problems.  We have a surgery wheelchair and staff are able to help you get out of your car and into the surgery, open doors for you and reserve a parking space closest to the front door.  


We can arrange appointment times that are most suitable (including being seen outside normal surgery hours so the building isn’t crowded).  The toilet has been adapted for disabled use, and staff have been trained to help patients with hearing or visual loss.  We will also visit you at home should your disability make it impossible to access our services at the surgery if this is what you want.  

Disability Discrimination Act

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