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GP Consultations

GP Consultations

Appointments with a GP are booked for ten minutes but if you need longer you can ask for a double appointment.  Although we have almost doubled the number of appointments in the past ten years with an increase in patient numbers of 10% we can find it difficult to meet demand and cover everything we need to during a consultation.  It helps us if you prepare for the consultation and try and make sure your questions have been addressed.  


We keep a number of appointments free between 0900 and 1000 so that patients who become unwell overnight can see a doctor quickly. If you ring just after 0800 the telephone may be answered by a doctor and if you need to be seen you will be booked into one of these appointments.  Once they are full you will be asked to come later that morning and if all the slots have been booked by other patients you will still be seen in the ‘never full’ surgery at 11.30, possibly waiting with several other patients.  


It is best to ring early as this means you will be seen quickly, not have to wait a long time and if you need tests they can be done that visit and sent by the courier that morning (the collection is just after 11:00 so patients seen at later appointments will have to come back the next day if a test needs to be sent away).  


Outside the surgery times the doctors and nurses may be in the building but they have many other things to do and cannot see you except in an emergency.




Teenagers may make appointments on their own with either of the doctors or the practice nurses about any health-related matter including contraception, smoking, drugs and alcohol.  As for all patients, confidentiality is guaranteed.

We aim to provide you with care that is high quality, easily accessible and with continuity (seeing the same person).  We are continually reviewing what we are doing to always give you the best possible care.


Quality is difficult to define but our patient surveys on this site show what you think of us and we have won a number of local and national awards for quality.


We offer same day access to a GP, irrespective of the medical urgency, with telephone and face to face consultations including the ‘never full’ surgery at 11.30 every morning.  We have three evening surgeries for working patients (two in the summer months), and you can book appointments for months ahead.  


Our nursing hours are double the local average with longer appointments so urgent cases, including minor injuries can be seen almost immediately.  We also dispense medicines to most patients.


We have three GPs with a female clinician (GP or nurse) available every working day.  You can choose who to see but we like patients to see the same person during any episode of care.  The GPs discuss the best way to help their patients on a daily basis and we all work in similar ways in line with national best practice.


We aim to do as much as we can with just one visit to the surgery building and whenever possible will provide the care ourselves to save our patients long trips elsewhere.


Quality of Care