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The GPES gathers clinical information from GP records in order to monitor activity and inform future developments.  Extract requests will only reach us once they have been scrutinised by an independent body. This service and has been postponed to late 2014.


Your identity will be safe because the majority of the data extracted will be anonymous. For example, information may be required on how many diabetic/stroke/kidney disease patients we have.  We are confident that there will be no breach of patient confidentiality.  A small number of requests may be for patient identifiable information.  As a practice we cannot see a reasonable reason for needing this information and so will not agree to such extractions.  If at some stage we are persuaded to agree to one of these requests then all the patients affected will be contacted and given the opportunity to opt out.


If despite this reassurance you feel that under no circumstances would you want your personal information released (even as an anonymous item in a summary dataset) please write to Dr Craig-McFeely explaining this and we will mark your records with the appropriate codes so that any data extraction is blocked.  


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General Practice Extraction Service (GPES)

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