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Hospital Admissions and Inpatient Care

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We have an information sheet giving advice on how to get the most out of your admission.  Please ask for one at reception before a planned admission.


Whilst the hospitals have improved in letting us know some details about patients when they have been discharged this is often brief and may take some time to get to the surgery.   If you are given a letter to take to the surgery once you are discharged it is very important that you do so as soon as possible.  It is often the only way that we know you are back home.  This is especially important if you need district nurses or a midwife to visit or if you have been in a hospital other than Salisbury.


Hospitals very rarely tell us anything about you when you are still in their care as an inpatient, although we get a daily email from Salisbury Hospital listing our patients under their care. We can ring the ward to get an update on progress and communicate information to help the hospital with your care, and the new care coordinator will further help to improve communication.  


It is very useful if you could tell the surgery about the progress of any friend or relative on our list who is an inpatient.  This is sometimes the only way we learn about our patients who are in more distant hospitals.


We are constantly discussing ways the hospitals can improve their communications with the practice.


Before planned surgery the hospital may perform a pre-admission check.  This will check on your fitness for surgery and will involve a questionnaire, a blood pressure check and possibly a blood test.  You will also have a skin swab for MRSA.  If this is positive the hospital will either send you a prescription for a treatment pack to take to the dispensary or a community pharmacist or you can pick up a pack at the hospital. With the pack will be an information leaflet.   Before we refer you for possible major surgery we will do many of these tests and make sure you are as medically fit as possible before seeing the specialist.  Often this means a referral becomes unnecessary (usually weight loss meaning joint pains go away).  We will also make sure you want the possible hospital treatment and arer available to receive it.


When we refer you, and it is possible you may be offered day case surgery or a day case procedure, we will make an assessment of your medical fitness.  As post-operative recovery is better if you do not smoke, are your ideal weight and have any medical conditions under control, the first actions for a surgical problem are likely to address these before any hospital referral.


When you come home from hospital, you will be contacted by the GP, and you may well get a home visit from the Practice Nurse.



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