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Hindon Surgery

You can register with us if you live within our practice area.  If you are unsure whether you are in our area, please ask at reception.


You will need to complete a GMS1 form, together with a health questionnaire appropriate to your age group.  This will provide us with useful information until your medical records arrive from your previous doctor.  We also ask you to fill in an alcohol questionnaire.  All these documents may be downloaded below.  When you return your forms to the surgery, please provide proof of identity and residency in the practice area (passport, driving licence and/or utility bill).


When you register, you will be invited to come for a healthcheck with one of our nurses. (Please bring a urine sample with you to this appointment).  If you are on regular medication or under hospital review, you should also see the doctor for a 10 minute appointment.  Please bring your medication with you.  


The named GP for all our patients is Dr Craig-McFeely, but you are free to choose which doctor you see.


New patients are given a copy of the surgery booklet together with a leaflet on Healthy Living and one from Cancer Research UK about the early symptoms of possible cancer.  We recommend that all new patients read these.  A large number of our patients have long-term conditions and possibly half of these are directly linked to lifestyle.  


Please download and print the relevant forms, complete and return to reception.  Every new patient needs to fill in the GMS1 form, everyone needs to fill in the relevant Health Questionnaire, and if you are an adult, please also download and complete the alcohol questionnaire.


GMS1 Form


Female - Under 65 Health Questionnaire

Female - Over 65 Health Questionnaire

Male - Under 65 Health Questionnaire

Male - Over 65 Health Questionnaire

Child - Health Questionnaire


Alcohol Questionnaire

New Patients.........

Your NHS Number

Everyone has a unique 10 digit NHS number (eg. 123 456 7890).  This is now used on all communication about you in the health service.  The number will appear on any letters you have from the NHS and on your medical card if you have one.  It is a useful number for you to write down.  We can tell you your NHS number at reception.

Accessibility Information

We want to get better at communicating with our patients. We want to make sure you can read and understand the information we send you. If you find it hard to read our letters or if you need someone to support you at appointments, please let us know.


We want to know if you need information in braille, large print or easy read.  We want to know if you need a British Sign Language interpreter or advocate.


We want to know if we can support you to lip read or use a hearing aid or communication tool.


If you have any special requirements, please fill in the form below, print it out and hand it in at reception.


Accessibility Information Form