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Nurse and HCA appointments - Treatment Room Services

Nurse & HCA

Our practice nurses  see patients by appointment (15 minutes duration) to provide the many services detailed on this site (see Services tab).  In addition they dress wounds, provide pre- and post-operative care (swabs, suture removal & dressings) and syringe ears (after at least a week of olive oil to soften the wax).  


Whilst they will be as flexible as possible it is usually very difficult to see patients without an appointment.  Doing so means all the other patients who have made appointments will be kept waiting. The nurses are also able to give telephone advice.

Blood Tests are carried out by our Phlebotomist by appointment on Tuesday & Thursday mornings.  Please ask if you need to fast before the test.  If you do, then you should eat nothing after 10pm the previous evening, and drink only water or black tea or coffee before the test.


The doctors do not take blood.  In special circumstances the practice nurses will take blood but this reduces the time they spend on more complex care that only they can deliver.


Practice Nurses

Blood Tests

To save our patients having to travel long distances for tests before an operation (blood samples, urine and swabs, blood pressure, pulse and ECGs), we are happy to do these in the surgery.  Please book with a nurse and / or Phlebotomist.

Pre-Operative Checks


Our nurses can remove sutures and clips and dress post-operative wounds in our treatment room.

Post-Operative Care

Please book your ECG with a practice nurse.  These can also be done for the emergency assessment of chest pain where the cause is uncertain.


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