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Hindon Surgery

We are a dispensing practice, which means we can dispense your medicines if you live more than a mile by road from a community pharmacist (all our patients except those living in the main part of Tisbury).


The dispensary is open from 08.00 to 12.00 every morning and 15.00 to 18.30 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  It helps us if you can use the dispensary at least 20 minutes before it shuts.  At other times if there is a doctor in the building we can dispense in an emergency.


When you see the doctor and a prescription is written your medicine may be collected before leaving the surgery.  If you pay prescription charges you will need to pay (cash or cheque) before collecting your medicine.  We are unable to give credit, or accept credit or debit cards.  You will be asked to sign the back of the prescription.


If you are aged 16 and under or 60 and above you are entitled to free prescriptions.  Between these ages you will be asked for proof of entitlement to free prescriptions.  This is to prevent prescription fraud and we are contractually required to do this (even when we know you well).  If you are entitled to free prescriptions please bring your proof and show it to us every time you collect dispensed medication.  If someone is picking up the medicines on your behalf please make sure you have given them the proof. You may be asked for your National Insurance Number for some exemption categories. If we suspect anyone of prescription fraud we will contact the police and you may be liable to prosecution.  If you are entitled but do not have proof and pay for the prescription you can reclaim this payment by collecting a form from a community pharmacy (like Boots in Tisbury).  


Repeat Prescriptions


All repeat prescription requests must be made in writing - our receptionists are not allowed to take requests over the telephone.  Please either use the paper re-order slips or a written note, send us a fax or use the online ordering facility.  (You will need to ask at reception for a user name and password for this).  Please allow up to two working days notice (we may not have your drug in stock).  


If you run out of a repeat medication when you are away from the practice area (in the UK) you can ask us to issue any medicines you need and we can fax the prescription to a community pharmacy near where you are staying.  You will need to let us know the name and address, telephone and fax number of the pharmacy.  Our staff may ask you to speak to a GP about this to make sure the right medicines are issued.  If registered for the web service you can make the request and add the pharmacy details in the message box on the ordering screen.  It is better to plan ahead and take enough medicines to cover your time away from the practice area.  We can issue a maximum of three months medication.  If prescribing for an illness that might arise due to your trip (e.g. anti-malaria tablets) these are not available on the NHS and we will issue a private prescription.  The minimum cost per item will be the same as the current NHS prescription fee.


Temporary residents who run out of their regular medication will be asked to follow the same process with their usual surgery.  If unwell we will prescribe as needed following a clinical assessment. This process is national good practice to reduce prescription fraud and misuse of prescription medicines.


We have a more detailed leaflet about repeat prescriptions which is available by clicking here.


The prescription gives instructions for taking the medication and any review appointments that are due.  It is very helpful if you read these instructions and make a review appointment as suggested.  If you do not understand what we have written we are very happy to explain and alter the wording.  We also add a message when you are due a check up plus additional instructions (like having a preceding blood test or bringing in your inhalers) before your check up falls due.


We operate a prescription request and medicines drop-off service from Wren’s Shop in East Knoyle.  Click here for more information on this service.


Please see our Electronic Communications Leaflet for more information.

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