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In addition to the normal hospital referrals we can refer you to the following local services:


CARE COORDINATOR   Cherie Baker is our care coordinator working with several of the local GP surgeries.  She will help coordinate the care of our patients with complex medical, social and mental health needs and work closely with the surgery to enable our patients to get everything available to live independently in their own homes.


COMMUNITY CLINICAL LEAD The community team have a senior specialist nurse to help patients with complex medical and nursing needs in their own home.


COMMUNITY PULMONARY REHABILITATION  This is for patients with chronic lung disease who may benefit from a course of Pulmonary Rehabilitation.  Patients will be asked if they would like to be referred when this service visits Tisbury once every year or so.


COUNSELLING   We have access to IAPT Psychology, the Wiltshire Primary Care Psychological Service who can offer support for a range of life's problems.  It covers areas such as stress, anxiety/panic, depression & long term health conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue & diabetes among others.  Appointments can be made through the IAPT booking system, by calling 01722 820267.  For more information visit


The Wiltshire IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) Service offers supported web-based therapy to help people with mild to moderate depression or anxiety.  You can self-refer to see one of their practitioners by ringing their Devizes office on 01380 731335. Click here for more information about this service.


INTERMEDIATE CARE BEDS   These are beds in nursing homes and one or two community hospitals locally that we can use, after discussion with the community team, to admit patients to avoid emergency hospital admission or for rehabilitation.


MINOR SURGERY  We can refer larger ‘lumps & bumps’ and skin lesions to Dr Peter Sharpe at Salisbury Medical Practice.  He is a very experienced GP surgeon and provides a speedy and high quality service.  He also provides the local vasectomy and carpal tunnel service.


MUSCULOSKELETAL PROBLEMS   We have some useful booklets from the Arthritis Research Council on the self-management of many musculoskeletal problems available free on request.


PHYSIOTHERAPY  There is a comprehensive physiotherapy service based at Salisbury Hospital.  Your GP makes the referral and you will be contacted by the service and may be given telephone advice and written information prior to an appointment.  The service includes specialist physiotherapists for peripheral joint and spinal problems.  Usually you will need to be referred to this service as your route to seeing an orthopaedic surgeon. All the specialist physiotherapists can arrange x-rays and scans and refer to a surgeon. Westminster Memorial Hospital also provides out-patient physiotherapy.


Prior to referral for any orthopaedic problem that is likely to result in surgery it is very important that you are as medically fit as possible, to reduce complications, promote recovery and a better outcome.  Patients who recover quickest and are least likely to experience complications are those who do not smoke, are an ideal weight, take regular exercise, eat a healthy diet and have had any other medical problems treated and under good control before surgery.  We will help you with this before making a referral.


The Neighbourhood Teams include some therapists providing a limited amount of home therapy as well as a home assessment service.


Patients needing continuing physiotherapy following hospital discharge or after an out-patient assessment should have this arranged by the hospital.


There are a number of excellent local private physiotherapists and clinics.  The surgery can provide you with details.


PODIATRY (CHIROPODY)   A service for patients at high risk of foot problems (diabetics) or needing advice about insoles and other orthotics is available on the NHS in Tisbury.  We need to refer using a detailed form and you will be asked to fill in part of this to describe exactly what you need and why.  We will then send this off for you.  A home visiting service is available for the completely housebound.


AGE UK provide a toe-nail cutting service for a small charge.  Click here for more information.


SOCIAL ACTIVITIES  There are a huge number of activities and services in our local community that many of our patients may want to be involved with.  There are also a number of helpful services that we or patients can self-refer to.  We recognise that good health is more than just addressing medical issues but is also determined by happiness and doing things we enjoy.  Further information can be found on the Sarum Health Community Network website at  You can search for activities and groups in your local area.




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