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CHILD IMMUNISATIONS are by appointment with Sister Sally Davies every Wednesday afternoon between 14.00 and 15.00.  NHS booklets with immunisation details are available.  


HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS  The surgery provides a catch-up service for teenage girls.  We will contact those girls due the jab and arrange the series of three vaccinations that help protect against the virus that causes most cases of cervical cancer.


INFLUENZA clinics.  We have two Saturday morning flu clinics, in late September and early October,  staffed by doctors and practice nurses.  Patients who cannot attend these clinics can be immunised in normal surgeries (or at home if housebound).  These immunisations are free to all patients over 65 years old and those younger patients with chronic asthma, chest disease, heart, kidney or liver failure, diabetes or are immuno-compromised (e.g. on some drugs for rheumatoid arthritis or chemotherapy for cancer) or are pregnant.  All carers, NHS workers and anyone keeping poultry are also entitled to free immunisation.  


INFLUENZA — children.  The nasal ‘flu programme for children includes all children aged two, three, four or in reception class and those at high risk up to 17.  It is a single administration of nasal drops.  We are able to vaccinate children aged 2 and 3.  Reception age children up to year 5 will be vaccinated at school, under the care of Virgin Care Services.  Children in high risk groups (eg. with asthma) should have two doses of this vaccine a month apart.  


PNEUMOCOCCAL vaccinations are free for those aged 65 and over or in the same high risk disease groups entitled to free influenza immunisation, by appointment with the nurse.  


ROUTINE IMMUNISATIONS for older children and adults (tetanus, diphtheria and polio, Menigitis C, HPV and  MMR catch-up) are given by the practice nurses.  Teenagers require a booster for Meningitis C and we can vaccinate those children who did not have this at their school.  We also offer the Meningitis ACWY vaccination to teenagers and first-time students.


SHINGLES   All patients aged 70 or 78 are entitled to a shingles vaccination as soon as they reach that age..  This is a single jab to boost immunity and reduce the risk of getting and the severity of an attack of shingles.  We will write to all patients entitled to this vaccination enclosing more details. It can be given at the same time as the ‘flu jab.   We are supplied with vaccine by the NHS and are not able to vaccinate anyone outside these age groups.  It may be possible to obtain vaccination from a private GP (this may cost around £200 or more) depending on vaccine availability.


TRAVEL ADVICE AND IMMUNISATION If you are going abroad and are likely to require vaccinations, please check the NHS Choices Travel Health Website ( to see which you require.  You can then make an appointment with the practice nurse.  Yellow Fever immunisation is available from Tisbury Surgery (01747 870204).


We can provide prescription drugs for use abroad.  These are not available on the NHS and the dispensary will make a charge (minimum of £8.60 per item - the same as the NHS prescription charge which increases every April).


WHOOPING COUGH (PERTUSSIS)  In 2012 there was a whooping cough epidemic with over 6,000 cases and at least 10 deaths.  All were in babies prior to their first vaccinations.  Pregnant women should boost their own immunity by being vaccinated after 28 weeks of pregnancy to reduce their risk of catching whooping cough and also to transfer some of this immunity to their baby.

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